AU where Happily was the chosen single and the music video is a cheerful sunny video where everyone has hair cut and beards shaved and are all well rested and glowing with the really long break they’re supposed to have had and they’re dancing and spinning and driving around and laughing with each other and looking like they’re actually enjoYING THIS

i can’t wait until i’m 45 and singing midnight memories drunk at a karaoke bar by myself because i never learned to love anything more than i love one direction


Realizing you left your headphones at home


We can make it if we try.
You and I.



the evolution from goodwill to versace



does zayn always play soccer with his hands in his pockets?




bae: come over

me: i cant i’m shooting a badly directed video with my band

bae: my parents are not home





#open letter to zayn: im sorry for the questions you get bc of your background/religion #im sorry you deal with something none of the other boys have to deal with because of your personal beliefs #i’m sorry you’re labeled because of your smoking and tattoos #i’m sorry you can’t control these assholes


swear it takes like 2 days to put on weight and 20 years to lose it

Track Title: who's telling you to do that?

harry/SOMEONE on radio 1 after the 2013 brit awards 

harry: i’ll call, yeah, i’ll call you back…
nick: harry get off the phone! who’s on the phone to you?
harry: i was on the phone because um…
nick: who’s on the phone? who’s on the phone?
harry: someone was um, ordering the comic relief single…which i think more people should do…

nick: what was the highlight of yesterday except you winning a brit award? 
harry: zaaaaaRAA…my favorite part was probably performinnnnggg because…i found it entertaininnnnng and…i’ve been told to try and rap this answer, which i’m struggling with
nick: who’s telling you to do that?
harry: [awkward giggle] …i haven’t got a very good flow.